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LGBTinC are taking a well-earned break. Our fortnightly meetings have been put on hold as have our official organised events. Instead we have set up a separate Facebook group called LGBT in Cavan Social Club where members of LGBTinC can suggest and organise social events. You can ask to join the group here.

Thank You, Cavan. thank You, Ireland

ThanksCavan ThanksCavan

LGBTinC would like to sincerely thank the people of Cavan and Ireland for showing their compassion and generosity by voting yes in the historic Marriage Equality Referendum. You have done something remarkable in affirming the equality of Cavan and Ireland’s gay and lesbian community. Many LGBT people have lived their lives in loneliness, shame and fear of hostility or discrimination. Today is a historic day where they can look forward to living in an all inclusive society, where the majority of this kind-hearted county and country have opened their arms in support of a minority. We hope that with time, any concerns or fears that people have regarding the outcome of the referendum will be allayed and that you will see the benefits of equality, locally and nationally.

We started our local campaign with a small, core group of volunteers but grew into a large and wonderfully diverse group of campaigners and supporters. We would like to thank everyone who helped us on our rewarding but sometimes difficult journey. With your help we managed to organise three very positive and successful events in Cavan. We canvassed door-to-door, passed out leaflets on the streets, dropped flyers through doors, put up posters and engaged in hundreds of conversations with people about the importance of marriage equality.

Many thanks to those who organised, participated in and supported the Cavan events and again our deepest gratitude to those of you who helped us push YES over the line in Cavan/Monaghan by voting on May 22nd.

What you missed in 2015 and 2016

Summer BBQ 2016

Our annual summer bbq in Cavan Canoe club was another great day out. This may well be our last event for the forseeable future, so thanks to everyone who attended.

Summer BBQ 2015

A well earned party after all our hard work during the year, we had our annual summer bbq in Cavan Canoe club. We spent a few hours out on the beautiful lakes kayaking and then came back in for a delicious bbq and night of drinks and craic.

Dublin Pride Parade Saturday, 27th June 2015

LGBTinC marched in the parade as part of the national Yes Equality campaign group. It was an amazing experience and a day that we will never forget!

Marriage Equality Referendum May 22nd 2015

LGBTinC became Yes Equality Cavan and campaigned for a Yes Vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum on Facebook - LGBTinC and Yes Equality Cavan and on Twitter Yes_Cavan.

Our campaign posters were a big hit.

We made history... together!

VoteYesCavan VoteYesMarRef

The Big Yes Push - May 17th

LGBTinC and friends hosted our last event for Marriage Equality on Sunday 17th May at Cavan Town Square from 3pm-5pm. Despite the rain, loads of people turned up to help us push Yes over the line. We had a relaxed afternoon of refreshments, music and fun. Everyone came together to help push our giant sized “YES” over the line in a symbolic gesture of solidarity to encourage a resounding YES for Marriage Equality. Check out our photos and video.

Yes Fest - April 24th

Yes Fest was a huge success! For a full round up, please go to our facebook page, where you will find all of the photographs and videos from the night. Thank you all so very much for your tremendous suport!

Marriage Equality Photo Booth, Saturday April 11th

LGBTinC and Friends launched our campaign for Marriage Equality on Sat 11th April at Cavan Town Square.

This event was open to everyone and we invited people to participate in our “I’m Voting Yes” campaign. It was a great opportunity for people to show their support for Marriage Equality by having their photograph taken in the "Vote Yes Cavan" photo-booth. These photos are going to become part of our official campaign poster, which will be launched shortly. The posters will be displayed all around County Cavan in due course.

We had a brilliant response to the photo-booth. 150 photographs were taken. That's one photo every 3 minutes! And most people availed of the opportunity to take away a framed print of their pic. All of the photos are on our Facebook page so take a look. Tag yourself and share, share, share. Vote Yes Photo Album

Our campaign posters were a big hit.

What you missed in 2014

Christmas Drinks - Saturday 20th December

We had our Christmas party in McCauls pub again this year. Thanks to everyone who brought food. It was a good night...

Social Night - Saturday 13th September

McCauls pub has become our "go-to" place after our meetings or on a Saturday night, for a relaxing night out with drinks and bit of craic. It's a great spot...

SOSAD Community Information Day - Monday 8th September

SOSAD (Save Our Sons And Daughters) Cavan hosted a community information day on Monday 8th September in The Farnham Arms Hotel from 12 - 3 pm. The aim was to help promote the different agencies and groups in the town who work to help others. This event coincided with World Suicide Prevention week to get people talking openly about mental health in 2014.
There are many local agencies all working to help others from the area and the hope is that this event will be the start of further and better collaboration between all local groups and charities. The event helped highlight exactly what each group or agency does to help others and hopefully will build a better and stronger network of agencies in the community.
This was a wonderful opportunity for people to come and visit the showcase and see what all local agencies do and how they support local people.
LGBTinC were delighted to have a stand at the event and we would like to thank the SOSAD team for inviting us and for organising the day.
If you would like to find out more about SOSAD go to their website.

Summer BBQ - Sunday 27th July

To celebrate Pride season, LGBTinC hosted a Summer Barbecue Event at the Cavan Canoe Club.

It was a joint event with the Wet & Wild LGBT Sports Group. We spent four hours kayaking around the lakes. The guided tour was really informative and interesting and we got to paddle through some beautiful scenery. When we made it back to shore we were starving for the BBQ. Special thanks to our mega chef Gerard for the fantastic food as always and for supplying the bbq equipment, tables, chairs and sound system. Also, a big thank you to Sean and Anthony for all of their help and coordination and for welcoming the guests while we were out on the water. Thank you to everyone else who helped with the set up and clean up. It was a team effort, but a very special thank you has to go to Vincent for organising everything so brilliantly, adding flair and making the day really successful and memorable. Finally, a big thank you to everyone at the Cavan Canoe Club, for their warm welcome and for the use of their excellent facilities. We look forward to going back for more kayaking very soon!

Social Night - Saturday 29th March

LGBTinC met for drinks in McCauls pub. Great turnout.

What you missed in 2013

Christmas Drinks on Friday December 20th

LGBTinC met up for a Christmas drinks on Friday December 20th. There was a great turnout and everyone had a really good night.

Summer BBQ on Sunday June 16th

LGBTinC had a summer BBQ to celebrate Pride season. We had great food, good craic and even decent weather!
Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a great turnout.

Bowling on Thursday May 30th

Instead of our regular meeting we went bowling again, followed by few drinks...

Eurovision Party on Saturday 18th May

LGBTinC had a Eurovision party again this year in our new venue The New York Bar, followed by a disco.
Ireland may have received "null poin" in the competition, but we had a very good night. Well done to our competition winner, who correctly chose Denmark as the best song entry. The prize was a magnum of champagne. Thanks to all the staff in The New York bar for their wonderful hospitality. It was a great venue and we're looking forward to going back.

Gay Men's Health Night on Thursday April 25th

We had a great information night on gay men's health with our guest speaker David Carroll from BelongTo, on Thursday April 25th. This was a very informative evening and was well attended. Many thanks to David for making the trip to Cavan to meet with us. Everyone who attended got a lot out of the evening.

LGBT Support Booklet Launch on 18th April

LGBTinC hosted Dundalk Outcomers' launch of a new booklet called Young People Speaking Out. This is a support resource for young LGBT peope, their peers and the people who work with them. The launch was held in the Beckscourt Centre, Bailieborough. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Disco on Saturday 9th March

Our first disco of 2013 was in The Sibin and we had a good turnout. A few new faces mingled with our regulars. Thanks to everyone who was there.

Bowling on Thursday 7th March

Our bowling nights are proving to be quite popular. Maybe we should start a league...

Thursday 7th February

LGBTinC travelled to Longford to attend the Longford LGBT group's fundraiser pub quiz. It was great to meet and socialize with the Longford group and we look forward to having them over to us in Cavan soon.


Past Events

You can see a full list of our past events here.


Get Tested

The Gay Health Network is raising awareness that Gonorrhoea infections have increased significantly among men who have sex with men (MSM). They have produced a leaflet and a poster to assist in raising awareness about Gonorrhoea, possible symptoms and where to get tested.
If you are sexually active, or have been with many partners, it is recommended that you get tested for STIs. For free STI testing contact Monaghan General Hospital, GUM Clinic, Outpatients Department, Monaghan Town
Telephone: (086) 824 1847
By appointment only: Tuesdays 9:00am to 12:30pm
This clinic is free of charge. It offers a confidential service and a full range of HIV, STI and hepatitis tests. Get tested now!

Find out more at www.ghn.ie: for details about the Gay Health Network and www.man2man.ie: HIV and sexual health information website for men who have sex with men (MSM).

Cavan Community Radio

Following our training with Cavan Community Radio, we will be producing four radio programmes on LGBT life in Cavan, which will be broadcasting over the summer and following months. It should be an interesting experience and a lot of fun!
We'll keep you updated on our progress, so watch this space!
You can find out more about Cavan Comunity Radio on their website.

Events Calendar

Check out our Interactive Calendar for some of the LGBT events happening in Cavan and nationwide. Just click on any event to find out more information about it.
If you know of any big LGBT event that we have missed, please contact us to let us know.

LGBT inC Features in Anglo Celt

On December 1st 2010 The Anglo Celt ran a feature on LGBT inC and some of its members. A full page spread was dedicated to our group in the Cavan Living Section of the paper, and it included accounts from some of our members, about what it's like for them to be LGBT and living in Cavan.

It was wonderful to see LGBT people represented in the local paper and we have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the piece.

Hopefully it will encourage new members to join LGBT inC and become part of our growing community.

Click here to view the full article.

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